Akasaki Institute

Akasaki Institute

[1st Floor Exhibition Room: Free admission.

Open weekdays (excluding national holidays) 10:00 - 16:00]

The Akasaki Institute was built to commemorate Professor Isamu Akasaki's research achievements and to contribute to the society through promoting Nagoya University's creative, cutting-edge scientific and technological research.
Admission to the Exhibition Room on the first floor is free. Everyone is welcome to come in and view the exhibits.
Professor Akasaki's research achievements, including a 160-inch LED display and traffic signals and cellular phones that use blue light emitting diodes, are on display together with some of his laboratory equipments.
The room is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00.
The Headquarters for Industry, Academia and Government Cooperation is on the second floor of the building. The laboratories on the third, fourth and fifth floors can be rented for R&D and technology development for the next generation. The Akasaki Institute, together with the adjacent Incubation Facility and Venture Business Laboratory, comprises the Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Zone, which serves as Nagoya University's nerve center for industry, academia and government cooperation.

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Exhibition Room (1F)

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Incubation Facility

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