Support offered by the Center

Personal Consultation We aim to provide personal consultation meetings for each registrant. Registrants will clear their thoughts while talking with a third person, telling their troubles, and receiving a variety of information. After the consultation, they can again move forward to get a job or a degree.
Correction of documents and other services One way to recognize any unclear points in your documents required for employment, such as your resume or personal statement, is by having the documents read by a third person. Documents with a lot of terminology specific to your field or those with incorrect points actually contain many wonderful selling points, such as your research techniques and your acquired “strengths”. The style with which you express them will change the evaluation of your ability.
Consultation with advisers Approximately 80 business persons have registered as an adviser. Registrants can directly listen to on-site “voices”, including a talk about the adviser’s industry and specialized field. Needless to say, advisers will answer your questions as much as possible. You will have an opportunity to open a new view of your career path by knowing the “present” of things in which you are interested.
Long-term internship program If there is a specific job which you want to get, let’s knock on the door even if there is no opening. Even though you do not have experience, a company will consider employment when they expect a potential for growth during the internship program. Let’s find a worthwhile job by using our internship program.(Selection method)
B-jin Seminar Business persons, as the instructors, provide lectures regarding skills and information useful for the future of graduate students/postdoctoral fellows. The seminar provides useful information for employment and helps students understand their strengths, the way to write a personal statement, and information on the business of each industry. It is also a seminar that would be required for any researcher (covering details such as intellectual property and logical thinking). Seminars are mainly held on Saturday. Those who do not register can also participate in these seminars, so please share the information and attend the seminar.
Career development theory Career development theory is provided in a lecture sponsored by Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL) for students in second grade or above of all faculties at Nagoya University. Lectures are compiled and provided by graduates of the University who now play an active role in various fields, and contain much information which you can refer to for your career development. Registrants can use the credit as a credit of B-jin Seminar. If you have any interest, please contact us by e-mail.
E-mail newsletter We provide information of seminars and symposiums at the University to registrants by e-mail. We focus on and deliver information which will be useful for you to think about your future career.
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