Long-term internship program

The long-term internship program is a program with hands-on training to develop human resources through communication and cooperation between companies and universities so that students can broaden their views and employment opportunities. This program targets postdoctoral fellows, and lasts for a long period of time, approximately 3-6 months. During the program, students will be employed as a researcher of Nagoya University. (Selection method)

A1: The company of the internship program is decided by prioritizing the applicant’s preferences, but there are some cases where a company will publicly make an offer. By considering the applicant’s preferences and the company’s needs, we will decide the place of internship after consultation with the applicant until they are satisfied. Even if there is no offer, please do not hesitate to knock on the door of the business in which you are interested.

A2: You can acquire practical knowledge and techniques by getting involved in an actual job. Also, understanding “work flow” which differs depending on the industry/type of business, allows you to become more smoothly accustomed to the business. If the place of internship is a foreign company, you might have the opportunity to learn Business English, or to have an international exchange.

A3: 76 people have participated in the long-term internship program so far. (As of March 31, 2013) This program provides not mere “experience”, but experience of an actual job, the same as an employee so that the participants can use the experience to develop their future career.

Participants of the Long-term internship program

Actual Data Participants of
the Long-term internship program
FY2008 6 people
FY2009 15 people
FY2010 20 people
FY2011 15 people
FY2012 20 people
FY2013 4 people
Total 80 people

A4: If the company expects that the participant has potential to grow, they may be enrolled as a permanent employee within a few months. Most participants of this program have been enrolled as permanent employees after completing the program. It depends on your enthusiasm. However, the internship program is not employment screening in principle and its main purpose is to raise your awareness of employment and motivation for learning through working experience. We hope that participants basically consider the experience obtained through the internship program as experience to think about their future career. If it does lead to employment in the end, that would be the best outcome.

A5: We cannot provide company’s names, but the actual places of internship include a wide variety of fields such as the industries of pharma, regenerative medicine, machinery, electricity, and the patent office.

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