B-jin Seminar

Through the B-jin Seminars, young researchers such as those who obtained (or will obtain) a doctor’s degree can develop their basic ability to actively and widely participate in business industry. The content of the seminar focuses on the abilities required in society, such as career design ability, communication skill, and the ability to think logically (Logical thinking). Some seminars also provide information about industry, so please take the seminars based on your skills, interest and needs.

B-jin Seminar consists of 3 seminars; [I. Seminar for the job search period], [II. Business skills seminar], and [III. Basic seminar for each industry].

Ⅰ Seminar for the job search period

Students will acquire career design abilities
Self-analysis, Career development, Improvement of skills required for employment

Ⅱ Business skills seminar

Students will acquire communication skills and the way of logical thinking
Business skills, Human skills and English, etc.

Ⅲ Basic seminar for each industry

Students will get industry information
Popular industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, and patent office (patent attorney) will be introduced.

B-jin Seminar consists of 2 terms, the first term and the second term, and will be held at Higashiyama Campus at Nagoya University.

Targeted participants are graduate students/postdoctoral fellows across the country, and non-registrants can also participate in the seminar.
Please check the schedule and other information on the website, and make prior reservations for each seminar.

    • Lecture for creating a profile sheet
      I had taken self-analysis too seriously, but after the lecture, I could get an idea of an unexpectedly simple but pertinent way of writing by considering the viewpoint of the company that was looking for workers. I feel like I was encouraged and backed by the thinking that I do not need to be so worried when always looking at the essential parts. (Doctoral course)
  • Job Hunting in English
    The class was very interesting and helpful. I found many points I should improve for my job hunting. (Master’s course)

  • To find the things you want to do/ Using self-analysis to find your vocation
    I greatly understood the importance of thinking in the way of deeply looking into yourself, and liking what you find. I could partially understand myself after talking about myself to other people, and it was a good opportunity. (Postdoctoral)
  • Basic skills for business people
    This seminar with demonstration provided a tense feeling, but it was fun. I think these skills will be definitely required in society and I want to use them when setting out into society. (Doctoral course)

  • Present situation of bio technology industry and “human resources” required by the industry
    I understood the situation of the bio-venture business very much. I could grasp the details about humanity that are required by companies in quite a difficult business operation. ( Postdoctoral)
  • Near-term future of pharma industry and medical equipment industry・・・
    It was a little difficult (especially the part of the market), but it was a good opportunity to listen to the actual experience of the teacher, who was a postdoctoral fellow, who wanted to enter a non-research field and succeeded in that field. Thank you for a valuable story. (Doctoral course)
  • Technical consulting & Research business practices
    It was good to know the details and the flow of the think tank business. I began to have an interest in think tanks. (Doctoral course)
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