Outline of the Center

The Center provides career-path support to postdoctoral fellows and students taking a doctoral course at universities and research institutions “across the country”. Our support purports to “create people who can perform their skills obtained in academic life in various places in society.” “Postdoctoral fellows” who played an active role as “a source of creating research results” can now perform various abilities obtained through their research, and get an “unexpected job” in an “unexpected field” through this support.

Organization chart

Services offered by the Center

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Long-term internship program (Click here for details)
Career design theory

Career design theory is provided as one of the common subjects of graduate school at Nagoya University. With the objective that students learn how to select from the various career paths a career suited to them, and develop a career plan by considering their life and career, the lecture is carried out as “classroom learning” and with “interviews”. Let’s interview people who are active in the business community, look their “career paths” from many different perspectives, and use them in your career path.

Career development theory

Career development theory is provided in a lecture sponsored by Nagoya University Alumni Association (NUAL) for students in second grade or above of all faculties at Nagoya University. Providing students with opportunities to think about their career by learning how instructors live and think, this lecture intends to help the students think about their career not only from the scope of occupational life but as a whole event which will form their life. Let’s directly hear opinions from graduates of the University who are actively participating in the society. Registrants can use the credit as a credit of the B-jin Seminar. If you have an interest, please contact us by e-mail.

Exhibition at an academic conference. Exhibit at industry-academia collaborative exhibitions/events

To promote the Center to postdoctoral fellows/students who are taking the doctoral course and teachers, etc. across the country, we display posters and other materials in a booth, and present role models at the time of the forum, and provide information on many different types of career paths at academic conferences and other meetings.
Also, at exhibitions relating to industry-academia collaboration, we publicize our support for the employment of postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students by explaining our activities to the business community, and at the same time, we promote industry-academia collaboration by collecting/exchanging information.

Organizing symposiums, etc.

Aiming to provide role models and information on various career paths, we organize symposiums for postdoctoral fellows/doctoral students (those taking the Master’s course and the doctoral course) at/outside the University. Not only postdoctoral fellows/doctoral students but also many teachers participate in these symposiums.

Networking event for companies and doctorate human resources

We organize a “Networking event for companies and doctorate human resources” consisting of two sessions, “Poster Session” and “Joint Company Information Session” for postdoctoral fellows/ students taking the doctoral course who are considering employment in the business community. In the “Poster Session”, doctors, who are accustomed to explaining to researchers in the same field at academic conferences, will have the experience of being able to comprehensibly explain their research results to business persons outside their field. In the “Joint Company Information Session”, each participating company provides a 2-minute PR speech, and has a 40-minute company information session/Q&A session in their company booth.


We offer a variety of information which is mainly useful when considering your future career plan, such as seminar information, etc. to registrants by e-mail.
Also, registrants have opportunities to listen to the stories of people who play an active role in many different fields.

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