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Thank you for your continuing support for the activities and efforts of Nagoya University.

The Nagoya University Human Resource Development Contributing to Society Business Human Resources Development Center has provided career-path support (such as personal consultations, B-jin Seminars, long-term internship programs, provision of company information, etc.) to young researchers, mainly postdoctoral fellows and students on a doctoral course from FY2006. More than 1,300 people have registered so far, and more than 500 registrants have selected their career and moved on to the next step.
Based on the support and achievement, we were recently accepted as a part of the “Young Researchers Training Program for Promoting Innovation” (2012-2016), Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. By establishing a cooperative system with Shizuoka University, we will offer a career development system to postdoctoral fellows and students taking a doctoral course in various fields over a wide area.

The followings are differences from support in the past.

[Nagoya University Long-term Internship Program]

Companies can measure the internship doctor’s aptitude and talent by accepting a long-term internship program, and this program is also a run-up period for the doctor to apply their quality to society. The details of the internship program will be decided upon consultation with the company, the University, and the applicant. The long-term internship program is a system to develop human resources which actively participate in various types of business outside of their research field at the University and become a breakthrough in society.

From FY2013, the program has targeted those who have earned a doctorate and those who have completed the doctoral course without a doctorate.

  • Long internship period (Approximately 3-6 months)
  • Employed as a researcher during the long-term internship program
  • Seminar for employment
Eligible people
  • Those who have earned a doctorate, or completed the doctoral course without a doctorate
  • Those who do not have another job
  • Those who have obtained or will obtain necessary credits from the B-jin Seminars
  • Those who can briefly summarize the strength and skill obtained until now on a sheet of A4 paper
  • Those who are approved by the company to accept the long-term internship program
Payroll Participants are employed as a researcher of Nagoya University during the long-term internship program, but the payroll during the program is partly covered by the company to strengthen the meaning of collaborative training.
  • Personal consultations, B-jin seminars, joint company information sessions, applications for job offers etc. are all provided the same as before.
  • Some doctors search for employment throughout the year. If you consider or desire to use doctorate human resources, please contact us at any time regardless of the recruiting period for new graduates.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will individually provide you with detailed information.

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