Nagoya University National Innovation Complex

Under One Roof

Industry-academia-government collaboration under one roof
Research facilities to create a new future through joint development

Message from the Director

The Nagoya University National Innovation Complex (NIC) will serve as a research and development (R&D) center for a new era, aiming to revitalize regional potential and promote global expansion through industry-academia-government collaboration. At first glance it may appear to many people that “regional revitalization” and “global expansion” are two conflicting concepts.However, forming an R&D center which will revitalize a group of competitive disciplines in a specific “region” and excel in inter-discipline R&D activities, thereby playing an active role in the “global arena” is now becoming mainstream worldwide. The Nagoya University NIC will also provide a “place” and a “framework” to realize innovation which will support Japan's future and bring new values to the lives of people worldwide through a concerted effort from members of industry, university and government as well as its citizens. It will tackle new challenges by strongly promoting “regional revitalization” and “global expansion”. I sincerely hope that the NIC will be used and participated in by many people who as our peers, will take on these future challenges.

Vice President of Nagoya University / Director of the Institute of Innovation for Future Society /
Director of Academic Reseach & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
Shigeaki Zaima

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