NIC conference rooms



List of NIC conference rooms, etc.

FloorRoomFloor areaNo. of chairsNo. of desks(for 3 people)
※Excluding Rooms 211 and 318
2F 209 61㎡ 18 6
211 19㎡ 10 4 Triangular desk
212 44㎡ 18 6
3F 317 24㎡ 12 4
318 21㎡ 3 1 Sofa
320 22㎡ 12 4
Main conference room 150㎡ 44 20 The from of 12 chairs is different to the others.

Various application forms
Application for use word
Internal regulations for use pdf
User guidelines pdf
Collection of usage charges Appendix 1)・ Unit price of usage chargesAppendix 2)( pdf

Precautions for users
※Prior to use, please read the internal regulations for use and user guidelines carefully.
For security against accidents such as fire, please check in advance where the emergency exits, etc. are located.
Users should restore the conference room to its original state immediately after use. Please take care not to leave any air conditioners or lights on.
Any roll screen that has been used should be rolled up without fail.
※Please understand that the user shall be liable for any loss or damage to or defacement of the facilities, equipment, furniture or fixtures of the conference room or similar which they have caused either intentionally or by gross negligence.
Please take care not to leave behind any PC peripherals such as USB flash memory sticks or connectors after use. In addition, please take extra care when handling personal information. In the event of an unforeseen situation such as information leakage, the Research Cooperation Department will accept no responsibility.


【Submission of application・inquiries】
 Person in charge of social cooperation, Social Cooperation Section, Research Cooperation
 Department, Nagoya University
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