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Since the privatization of national universities in 2004, the ratio of competitive funds (indirect expenses) to the university's operation budget has been increasing every year, and the necessity for opening up new research areas, such as cross-departmental integrated areas or new academic areas, has also been increasing. Nagoya University has been promoting research support in all academic areas through collaboration between the Research Promotion Office, the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, and the Research Administration Office. However, to respond to those issues, we have examined how a new research support system should facilitate the University's organizational immediate response from FY2012. As a result, we have established "Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration (AR&IAGC)", which promotes a range of research activities from basic research to industrial applications in a consistent manner through comprehensive management integrating the existing three organizations from FY2013.
Establishment of a new AR&IAGC enabled us to develop stronger human resources for research support by gathering together dispersed human resources and functions such as URAs, Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Coordinators (Industrial collaboration CD), intellectual property managers, and other personnel into one organization. Furthermore, this June, place of activity of human resources for research support will be integrated in the new building, NIC (National Innovation Complex), which is constructed using FY2012's supplementary budget "Project to establish a center for international scientific innovation". This will allow us to develop activities to strengthen our research ability under "one roof."
Finally, this April, I was appointed Chief of Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration. Not only will we work forward to expand support contents, and to improve the quality of support menu for researchers of the entire university, but will also actively engage in working environment where members can exercise their individual abilities, and strengthening the collaboration between cross-regional universities, regional companies, and regional communities. Please look forward to future research results achieved by Nagoya University's new research support system in all academic areas.

Vice President of Nagoya University
Director of Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
Shigeaki Zaima

Strategy Planning Group Regional Collaboration & Communication Group Project Promotion Group Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Group International Industry-Academia-Collaboration & Human Resource Development Group Security Export Control

Members' profile

Strategy Planning Group

  • Support for activities of Innovation Strategy Office
  • Gathering of information on national policy trends, etc.
  • Establishment of a research support database and investigation/analysis of the present situation of research activities at the University
  • Support for creation of hub-based research projects

We conduct activities to plan and design a strategic plan with which we aim to further develop and strengthen academic research of Nagoya University, and the utilization of the research achievements in society. Specifically, in addition to conducting investigations on industry trends and national policies on scientific technology, and analysis of the present situation of the University’s academic research and industry-academia-government collaboration, we also provide support for designing a strategic plan for the University’s academic research and industry-academia-government collaboration, based on the investigation and the analysis. We also support the creation of research projects, especially large-scale research projects.

Yamaguchi Atsushi

Final academic background: Doctor of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
Specialist field: Magnetic materials, Optical elements, Optical sensing

I carried out research into magnetic thin film during my career at the university, and was in charge of developing magneto-optical recording materials after joining an electronics manufacturer in 1993. I had been involved in research and development of optical engineering technology since then, but I started to work as a URA at Nagoya University from January 2014. I would like to contribute to research support for teachers, industry-academia-government collaboration and so on, through “planning and strategy,” which I am responsible for, so please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to it.

Yoshida Chiho

Final academic background: Doctor of Information Science, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University
Specialist field: Social information science, Regional media

I was responsible for corporate sales at NTT East, and software development at NTT Applie after being seconded. During my career, I received a master’s degree of economics. After leaving NTT, I earned a doctoral degree of information science while engaging in industry-academia-government collaboration and urban-rural exchange projects as a NEDO fellow and a researcher of the Research Institute of Regional Problems. I took my present position in April 2012. I will set up a project and provide research support to strengthen the research ability of Nagoya University. I am a mother, and a PC geek who loves mountains and forests, feels passionate about the universe, is attracted by regional traditional culture, and like to try aromatherapy and macrobiotic food.

Tsutsumi Yoshie

Final academic background: Master of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Specialist field: Environmental toxicology, Biological and earth sciences, Environmental analysis

I was engaged in the study of material circulation of coastal regions at the university, and the safe testing of chemicals after entering a company. I had also participated in NGO activities, with “environment” as the keyword. During my career, I recognized the importance of collaboration in research, industry-academia-government collaboration, and cooperation with society as a whole, and this is behind my engagement with the support of research promotion as a URA. As a member of the Planning & Strategy Group, I will support the increased research ability of Nagoya University, and eventually, I would like to contribute to solve environmental problems.

Tanaka Akiko

Final academic background: Master of Engineering
Specialist field: Chemical engineering

I had been engaged in the support for acquisition of external funds, and industry-academia-government collaboration, as a license associate at TLO and as an industrial technology conductor at NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). I took my present position as a URA of Nagoya University from February 2012.  Taking advantage of experience that had been seconded to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) for about two years, I would like to contribute to the planning and research support for such as creation of strategic research projects.

Regional Collaboration & Communication Group

  • Community collaboration
  • Support for small and medium-sized companies
  • Technical consultation

Our group contributes to develop community industry, community revitalization, etc.. We also aim to support community industry, especially small and mid-sized companies.

Group Leader/Directing URA
Fujino Seiji

Final academic background: Doctor of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Specialist field: Semiconductor devices/processes, Vehicle-mounted electronic equipment control systems

I had worked in the research institute of an automobile-related company for 17 years, and in the operational department for 19 years. At the institute, I was engaged in the research and development of various vehicle-mounted electronic equipment control systems and silicon semiconductor devices, especially SOI devices. In the operational department, I proceeded with the planning and development regarding miniaturization, power devices, and various sensors, while participating in activities as a member of various committees at academic conferences, etc., while also serving as a part-time instructor at universities and technical colleges. As a URA, I will strive to support those responsible for the next generation, and aim to make Japan a proud world leader of technology by achieving noble industry-academia-government collaboration based on my above experience.

Supervising URA
Kajita Toru

Final academic background: Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, KYOTO University; MBA, Nihon University Graduate School of Business
Specialist field: organic synthetic chemistry, polymer, technology management

I had worked for a chemical company in the R&D sections for 26 years, and also in the business division for 3 years. I have faced with variety of industry customers by means of R&D and marketing activities of semiconductor materials, display materials, battery materials, advanced materials, and so on. I have been involved in the establishment of several technological consortiums supported by Japanese Government. As a URA, I wish to promote noble industry-academia-government collaborations based on my above experiences and new approaches.

Ohsumi Katsufumi

Final academic background: Doctor of Science, School of Life Science, The Graduate University of Advanced Studies
Specialist field: Molecular Biology

When I was engaged in research as a postdoctoral fellow at the university and other institutes after earning a doctoral degree, I also had an interest in scientific communication. I took my present position in March 2012, after working at the Science Communication Promotion Office at Nagoya University. I am engaged in support for the acquisition of external funds as a member of the “Project Promotion Group” while taking charge of the exhibition of research seeds and correspondence with other companies. I would like to contribute to regional development by building a bridge between the University and the companies.

Nagashima Masaaki

Final academic background: Doctor of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tottori University
Specialist field: Ceramic materials, Nanocomposites

After serving as a teacher in engineering of university, I had worked in organization for regional industrial academic cooperation for 9 years. I would like to achieve major research projects between the university and the companies.

Project Promotion Group

  • Support in scientific fields (Green field, Life-science field, Nanotechnology field, System science field)
  • Support in the field of Liberal Arts
  • Support for acquisition of Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research
  • Support for extensive projects etc.

We support the creation or organization of hub-based or problem-solving extensive projects, which are distinctive as an organization.
We provide support to create or organize a network-type (regional, national or international) project and a project corresponding to an inter-departmental integrated field or a new area to meet future needs. We also assist in creating and organizing each project by strengthening inter-departmental cooperation and information sharing. Considering project life cycle management, we especially support the stable acquisition of competitive funds. With focus on the education of human resources for project research, we will facilitate the establishment of their career paths by deepening our exchanges with many organizations.

Directing URA
Fukai Masakatsu

Chief URA
Okada Yoshio

Final academic background: PhD, Graduate School of Bio-Agricultural-Chemistry , University of Tokyo
Short course on building business, Said Business School, University of OxfordSpecialist field: Molecular & Cellular Bioscience, Applied Microbiology, Venture Business Support in Bio-IT-Environment fields

Research support will promote basic research at the university that would transform industries and society. I wish to make use of all my experiences in 1) Industry: bio-venture company in Okinawa-Japan, 2) Academia: post Doc experiences in UK and France, 3) Government: funding R&D for small- and medium-sized enterprise which would promote a range of research activities at Nagoya University from basic research to industrial applications in a consistent manner. This is the first time in 32 years to work in Aichi prefecture since my graduation from high school. May Nagoya University play even greater roles in Asia through education and research in good cooperation with strong glocal industries of the region.

Chief URA
Halada Chikako

Doctor of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

I carried out planning and research support of research projects on energy and environmental field at Japan Science and Technology Agency and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. I hope to contribute to the further development of the Nagoya University.

Koganemaru Takashi

Final academic background: Doctor of Law, College of Law, the National University of Taiwan
Specialist field: History of law in Japan, Public law, Taiwan

A long time ago, I was responsible for the investigation of the semiconductor industry while working in the investigation department of a stock company. After serving as a journalist in the foreign news section, the local news section, and the economic section of a newspaper company for a dozen years, I went to Taiwan as a mature student, and earned a doctoral degree of law at the National University of Taiwan while researching the system of governing rules during the Japanese-governed period. I will strive to be a strong supporter for teachers in the liberal arts fields. There are still a few research administrators responsible for the liberal arts because the research administration work started focusing on the scientific fields, but I would like teachers in the liberal arts fields to use us freely without hesitation.

Shiozaki Noriko

Final academic background: Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Human Informatics, Nagoya University
Specialist field: Plant physiology, Industry-academia collaboration

After graduating from graduate school, I served as a postdoctoral fellow in a university and a private company in the Kanto area, and then worked as a license associate in a TLO in the Shikoku area. Since my return to Nagoya in the spring of 2014, I have been enjoying the work at my old campus. With gratitude for this turn of fate, I think I should be helpful to researchers. I have been engaged in industry-academia-government collaboration with the thought that I want to deliver the University’s research results to society as much as possible, and to help researchers deliver their research results. Please feel free to contact me.

Watanabe Mayumi

Final academic background: Doctor of Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
Specialist field: Complex chemistry, Organometallic Science

After earning a doctoral degree, I had been engaged in industry-academia-government collaboration, the support for acquisition of external funds, and the management of intellectual property among others as a scientific technology coordinator for about 2 years. I have been extending my activities to support the creation of projects and the analysis of research abilities as a URA of Nagoya University from February 2012. I will strive to contribute in any way I can to create an environment in which teachers can concentrate on their research. I love cats, reading books, and museums.

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Group

  • Support for the creation of intellectual property, such as patents/ patent applications/ acquisition of intellectual property rights
  • Technology transfer such as licensing/assigning intellectual property rights
  • Support for creation of venture companies originating from the University
  • Review of a collaborative research agreement

One of the basic missions of the University is social contribution and its main pillar is the utilization of research achievements in society. We are working on this by taking research achievements that are packed into the form of intellectual property rights and transfer them to the private sector, and also by creating venture companies based on research achievements. Along with these activities, we also support researchers to create new inventions and new venture companies.

Kito Masahiro

Leader of the Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Group.  I was mainly responsible for the development and commercialization of semiconductor lasers for optical communications at an electronic manufacturer for about thirteen years. Subsequent to that, I was transferred to the intellectual property department where I had experience in a whole range of intellectual property activities at the company for about ten years, focusing on the acquisition and utilization of rights including cross license negotiations with companies at home and abroad, and the selling of patents. Since June 2014 when I joined the University, I have been in charge of not only inventions and discoveries, but also technology transfer mostly in the field of materials. In addition, I have held classes on intellectual property for the School of Engineering and the School of Agricultural Sciences. It is true that there are differences between a company and a university. At this University, however, I would also like to make contributions which allow the research achievements of Nagoya University to be applied universally, while practicing strategic intellectual property activities which I experienced through my previous career at the company.

Ikuta Naoko

In the present job since Dec 2017. Worked for a patent firm for 10 years. After that, joined in Medical IP Strategy Team of another university (previous job). I engaged intellectual property matters and technology transfer of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical equipment. I will improve myself in order to learn about medical field that is strong field of innovation. And I want to contribute to “Health” through my work.

Kato Hitoshi

I previously worked in the research department and intellectual department in a chemical company. My area of specialty is organic chemistry and polymeric chemistry. At present, I am in charge of drafting and reviewing agreements relating to intellectual property, and most of them are collaborative research agreements. We have a heavy workload to draft agreements in cases where the client has not yet determined their policy, or in cases where there are many people related to the agreement and they all have a different position. I try to contribute to the development of industry while asserting the University’s position.

Fushimoto Masanori

I have been mainly engaged in the commercialization of patents in the past. I joined the University in October 2017. I have been in charge of coordination of IP rules on collaborative research, technology transfer, and also responsible for basic patent seminars and intellectual property lectures for students in the departments of engineering and agricultural sciences. I feel a sense of satisfaction in getting promising young researchers to know intellectual property systems and in helping them connect the research achievements generated in the University with commercialization and industrialization, using "patents" as the medium.

Kim Shokaku

For over two decades I have been engaged in industry-academia-government collaboration activities through venture, human resource development. I focused on the development and technology transfer of pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques relating to the biological macromolecules, such as peptides, oligonucleotide and oligosaccharides. There were many obstacles in improving the value of research seeds. That reminded me of the importance of appropriate supports and collaborative networks.
Based on these experiences, I will powerfully foster research seeds of Nagoya University by the technology transfer activities to play the important social roles in the real world. Furthermore, I will contribute to the creation of various success models based on research achievements by constructing a refined system from the cradle to the fledging.

Kojima Noriaki

I had worked for more than 30 years in the intellectual property department of an electronics manufacturer. I experienced the work of intellectual property acquisition and license, in the wide range of fields such as consumer electronics, semiconductor, digital system, solar cell, etc. Since I came to this university in March 2016, I am in charge of intellectual property protection and technology transfer support in the electronics field. I would like to work actively to enhance the value of our intellectual property in each milestone of the "intellectual creation cycle" (i.e., creation of invention, acquisition of intellectual property, and utilization of intellectual property (or transfer of intellectual property)), and to maximize the return from our investment in the intellectual property strategy.

Saito Shigeki

After earning a doctoral degree, I carried out research focusing on the functional analysis of plants and microbially-derived protein. I am especially interested in the various pigments produced by plants and the biosynthetic pathway of odorants. Since starting my current job in August 2013, I have spent exciting days and had opportunities to meet people in a variety of fields. While cherishing my special field of study, I would like to contribute to the establishment of a better research support environment by accumulating new knowledge and experience.

Takahashi Keita

After graduating from graduate school, I had been in charge of developing semiconductor nonvolatile memory process and device after joining an electronics manufacturer in 1989. Through my experience at the enterprise, I became more aware of the importance of intellectual property and the importance of nurturing new industries, and I began to think about engaging IP and transferring technology at university. I would like to contribute to the evolution of world culture and civilization by returning the research results of the university to society. In addition, I am looking forward to being involved in new discoveries of university researchers.

Fujii Eiji

I was engaged in intellectual property matters in the private sector before I started working at the (former) Department of Intellectual Property in the University in March 2004. At this University, I am in charge of intellectual property including patents, technology transfer, acquisition of external funds, contracts, etc. in engineering-related fields (electricity, information, machinery, materials, environment, medicine, etc.). Although collaboration between industry, academia and government is a vital tool which allows the country and the regions to develop, it is still in the process of development and has much room to be fully utilized. In this regard, I would like to make efforts to help spread the benefits not only from the perspective of universities and companies, but also from that of the public, by deepening the mutual understanding between relevant institutions which are composed of industry, academia and government, and make innovation happen on a larger scale through industry-academia-government collaboration.

Matsuoka Yoko

In charge of intellectual property for a COI Hub in Nagoya. In my previous job, I was engaged in acquiring rights for inventions in fields that covered a wide range of technologies at a patent office. I have had a strong interest in intellectual property at universities which allowed me to become consistently involved in a single research achievement from its invention and discovery to its technology transfer. Consequently, I have been working as a URA responsible for intellectual property at "A Deverse and Individualized Social Innovation Hub(Center of Innovation, NAGOYA)" since March 2014.

COI: Center of Innovation Science and Technology based Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (COI STREAM) http://www.jst.go.jp/coi/outline/outline.html

Yamada Kimiko

I was mainly in charge of acquiring rights for the research and development achievements of materials at the department of intellectual property at a company. Since I came to the University in 2004, I have been able to have opportunities to become familiar with the latest and nascent research achievements not only in the field of materials, but also in the fields of plants and machinery, etc. Today, I am responsible for the acquisition of rights for research achievements and technology transfer to companies through licensing mostly in the fields of chemistry and materials. I have been committed to my work, in the hope that I could make some contribution to the gradual development of nascent research achievements which will become useful in society, while helping interaction between companies and researchers.

Watanabe Toyoyuki

In my previous job, I've been working in the technology sector and the intellectual property department in the company. In the intellectual property department, my task was the intellectual property matters of mechanical, electrical, material, etc. In addition, I have experienced a lot of joint research and development. I'm working to Nagoya University from July 2016. My mission is the support of the industry-academic-government project that Amano Professor is the leader. Taking advantage of my experience, I will contribute a lot by giving society the project results.

The University’s organizations which we are closely collaborating with

University Hospital Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research

Isobe Yutaka

Patent Attorney registered to practice before the Japan Patent Office, and Designated Professor at Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, Nagoya University Hospital
I have started my carrier as a research associate at a chemical company in Japan. At first, I have engaged in a synthesis route development and formulation development of new antibiotics at the chemical company and its affiliated pharmaceutical company for 8 years. Then I have started my career as a IP practitioner at the pharmaceutical company and worked for patent prosecution, patent life cycle management of pharmaceutical products, intellectual property due diligence for license and acquisition of a US pharmaceutical company, and cooperation in patent strategy planning and practice with the US company, for total about 23 years. On February 1, 2015, I have started to working for Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research of Nagoya University Hospital. Now I am in charge of IP management and technology transfer of inventions at Medical School of Medicine and University Hospital, and national project “Translational Research Network Program”. I will do my best to make invention at those organization and project into practice, by enhancing the value of it by IP protection and practicing technology transfer.

Fujita Hitoshi

I have engaged in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry research in a domestic pharmaceutical company for 28 years. Meanwhile, I experienced a wide range of drug discovery with inflammation, immunity · allergy, cancer, diabetes and neuropsychiatry. After the acquisition of two US companies, I experienced cultural differences while Japanese and the United States' members researching drug discovery together, and also managed outsourcing research to CRO in China and India in the trend of globalization. After transferring to the Intellectual Property Department, I managed to IP strategies in my company and actively carried out external activities (such as the Chairperson of the IP Committee in JPMA and the Advisory Committee of JPO) for 4 years. In July, 2017 I was assigned to Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research of Nagoya University Hospital. .Now I am in charge of IP management and technology transfer of inventions at Medical School of Medicine and Hospital, and national project "Translational Research Network Program". I would like to apply quickly Nagoya University's original inventions to new patent applications.

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM)

Matsushima Reiko

In charge of intellectual property at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM). After having had work experience at a patent office, I was engaged in the application for and the acquisition of rights for invention related to technology transfer at another technology transfer institution. Since July 2014, I have participated in ITbM and have mainly been in charge of a series of procedures from the invention and discovery of research achievements by ITbM’s researchers to the application for and the acquisition of their rights and their technology transfer. I would like to provide support in the aspect of intellectual property so that research achievements at ITbM ratified by the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) can be fully utilized in society and make contributions to the development of industry.

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) http://www.itbm.nagoya-u.ac.jp/index-ja.php

International Industry-Academia-Collaboration & Human Resource Development Group

  • International industry-academia collaboration

    We promote and support students and researcher exchange programs, business and research collaboration between Universities, Research Institutions and Companies in various countries. NU Tech (Technology Partnership of Nagoya University, Inc.) based in US promote and support similar activities.

  • Entrepreneurship education(Tongali project)

    We provide entrepreneurship education called "Tongali project" as a human resources development.

  • Outreach activities

    We involve in outreach activities to share research achievements of the University with the public and increase their interest in science and technology.

  • Cultivation of young leaders

    We cultivate young leaders including early career researchers supported by ‘Building of Consortia for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology’ (MEXT, Japan) through seminars where we provide information necessary for a principal investigator and we also take part in consultations of early career researchers individually.

Kawano Yasushi

Fukai Masakatsu

Sung koomi

Bekki Shinichiro

Kumasaka Mayuko

Tanaka Sawako


Koyama Tomohisa

Shimizu Rena

Security Export Control

  • Security export control
  • Conflict of interest management
  • Matters relating to Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) etc.

We support security export control when exporting goods generated through international exchanges, transfer of technology, or accepting international students/researchers.
Also, we provide legal and ethical support, and support for procedures relating to conflict of interest management and Convention on Biological Diversity (Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, etc.).

URA and Export Control Manager
Ishikawa Ayako

Areas of responsibility: security export control (screening, support for application for approval, etc.) and conflict of interest management.

After I completed my law degree at Nagoya University (graduate school), I have been engaged in the risk management of research and industry-academia-government collaboration activities from a legal perspective since 2012. My focus is on the procedures and other relevant matters related to security export control, conflict of interest management and the Convention on Biological Diversity. I would like to make some contribution, deepening my own knowledge, so that research and industry-academia-government collaboration activities cannot be disrupted due to legal risks. Please feel free to contact me.

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