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The Nagoya University Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration manages information based on laws and regulations in order to protect personal information. Nagoya University appropriately manages any personal information collected from interactions with the users of the site or through e-mail inquiries, and will not use or provide said information to a third party for reasons other than the stated purpose of use, excluding cases when the users give consent or when required to do so by law.


We pay careful attention to the management and operation of this site, but we cannot completely guarantee the reliability of posted information or the safety of the site. Please note in advance that Nagoya University will bear no responsibility for any difficulties or damage you incur as a result of using this site.


As a rule, you can freely link to this site with the understanding that the URL and content may change or the service may be suspended without prior notification. You do not need to notify the University if you post a link to this site.

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