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NU Research; research highlights and feature articles at Nagoya University

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Nagoya University Research (NU Research) presents research highlights and feature articles covering some of the latest research activities and achievements at Nagoya University.

We showcase world-leading researchers at Nagoya University who aim to advance the frontiers of science in their respective disciplines with an emphasis on nurturing the scientific leaders of the future.

About Nagoya University

With roots dating back to 1871, Nagoya University was formally instituted in 1939 as the seventh and last of Japan's imperial universities. Although modest in size compared to largest universities in Japan, Nagoya University has produced six of Japan's 14 Nobel laureates since entering the 21st century. Ryoji Noyori and Osamu Shimomura in chemistry and Toshihide Maskawa & Makoto Kobayashi and Isamu Akasaki & Hiroshi Amano in Physics who now advise on research advancement and flagship research projects. A progressive administration and clearly defined academic charter make Nagoya University an institute to watch in the future.

NU Global Challenge

Nagoya University, with its free and vibrant academic culture, aims to cultivate talented people who can exercise strong leadership in a rapidly changing world with a global perspective. For further strengthening research and education, Nagoya University is actively promoting interactive human exchange both "from the world to Nagoya University" and "from Nagoya University to the world."

In September 2016, we released a brochure, NU Global Challenge ~Hand-in-Hand with Asia Vol1. Thailand~, produced with funding provided by Nagoya University Alumni Association.

>>For more infomation, please have a look: NU Global Challenge.

Highlights; cutting edge articles on top journals

Nagoya University Researchers Break Down Plastic Waste
Graduate School of Science
Takashi Miura, Masayuki Naruto, Katsuaki Toda, Taiki Shimomura, and Prof. Susumu Saito
Nagoya University-based research team develops new highly efficient catalyst for...
One-Dimensional Crystals for Low-Temperature Thermoelectric Cooling
Graduate School of Engineering
Takumi Inohara, Yoshihiko Okamoto, Youichi Yamakawa, Ai Yamakage, and Koshi Takenaka
Researchers at Nagoya University report high thermoelectric powers in one-dimens...
At Last: Beautiful, consistent carbon belts ~ Synthesis of a carbon nanobelt with potential applications in nanotechnology ~
JST-ERATO Itami Molecular Nanocarbon Project
Guillaume Povie, Yasutomo Segawa, Taishi Nishihara, Yuhei Miyauchi, Kenichiro Itami
Chemists have tried to synthesize carbon nanobelts for more than 60 years, but n...
Development of a non-invasive, quick, and low-cost system for cell quality evaluationーa step ahead to supply high quality and quantity of iPS cells
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Associate Prof. Ryuji Kato
With new perspective through multidisciplinary experience and attentive discussi...
Development of a novel in vivo real-time analysis by combining knowledge and skills
  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Institute for Advanced Research
  • Associate Prof. Kei Zaitsu
  • Assistant Prof. Yumi Hayashi
The combination of professionals and the best equipment enables us to challenge ...
A new simple and green synthetic method for the production of pharmaceuticals
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Associate Prof. Manabu Hatano
  • Prof. Kazuaki Ishihara
A simple and green synthetic method has been newly established. With its short r...

Other Highlights

Features; focus on people and research activities

Noyori Academy Salon: Women's Empowerment
  • presented by Institute for Advanced Research
Encouragement to Pursue Your Interests
Succeeding original sake production of Nagoya University
  • Nagomi Sakura (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences)
  • Associate Prof. Andres Daniel Maturana (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences)
  • Associate Prof. Nicolas Baumert (Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
“Nagomi Sakura is a proud gift from Nagoya University” to introduce traditional ...
Find Nagoya University! -with International NU Researchers-
  • Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM)
  • Graduate School of Information Science
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Dr. Asraa Ziadi
  • Dr. Kirsi Salorinne
  • Dr. Amine Bouibes
  • Dr. Karim Nissar
Expected to achieve international breakthroughs, four postdoctoral researchers f...
Noyori Academy Salon: Japan, to Contribute to Human Existence
  • presented by Institute for Advanced Research
Anticipated Collaboration by Countries in the 21st Century...
Noyori Academy Salon: Deficiency, the Power to Produce a Slew of Ideas
  • presented by Institute for Advanced Research
Innovation that Results from Overcoming Difficulties...
Noyori Academy Salon: Only-one and Number-one
  • presented by Institute for Advanced Research
Originality that Grows Out of Your Own Curiosity...

Other Features

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