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We showcase world-leading researchers at Nagoya University who aim to advance the frontiers of science in their respective disciplines with an emphasis on nurturing the scientific leaders of the future.

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Development of a Nanowire Device to Detect Cancer with a Urine Test
Graduate School of Engineering
Assistant Prof. Takao Yasui and Prof. Yoshinobu Baba
Researchers centered at Nagoya University develop a nanowire device able to dete...
Physicists at Nagoya University discover a huge void in Giza's Great Pyramid by cosmic-ray imaging
Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability / Institute of Advanced Research
Designated Associate Professor Kunihiro Morishima
Nagoya University-led researchers discover big void in Egypt’s Great Pyramid by ...
Deadly Combination in Neurodegenerative Diseases Revealed
Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Prof. Koji Yamanaka
Japanese researchers develop new mouse model that captures pathology of sporadic...
Astronomers Follow Gravitational Waves to Treasure
Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research
Associate Prof. Fumio Abe
Astronomers have tracked down the source of a gravitational wave and discovered ...
"Handedness" in scale-eating fish: nature and nurture
Graduate School of Science
Prof. Yoichi Oda
Two researchers from Nagoya University and the University of Toyama find scale-e...
High-speed switching for ultrafast electromechanical switches and sensors
Department of Materials, Physics and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Assosiate Prof. Tomoaki Yamada and his international research group
Researchers have observed high-speed switching in Pb(Zr0.4Ti0.6)O3 thin films un...

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Content Reuse for Text and Multimedia Documents
Graduate School of Information Science / IAR
Designated Assistant Professor Chuan Xiao
Enhanced plant photosynthesis and growth through manipulation of stomatal apertures
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) / IAR
Designated Assistant Professor Yin Wang
The Effects on Ancient Maya Society of the Catastrophic Holocene-epoch Eruption of Ilopango
Graduate School of Letters / IAR
Designated Assistant Professor Akira Ichikawa
Research of Egyptian Pyramids with Cosmic ray Imaging
Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability / IAR
Designated Associate Professor Kunihiro Morishima
Super High-resolution Nuclear Emulsion for Directional Dark Matter Search
Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI) / IAR
Designated Assistant Professor Tatsuhiro Naka
Special Interview
University Professor Toshihide Maskawa, 2008 Nobel Laureate Physics

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