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We showcase world-leading researchers at Nagoya University who aim to advance the frontiers of science in their respective disciplines with an emphasis on nurturing the scientific leaders of the future.

Highlights; cutting-edge articles on top journals

Keep the Light Off: A Material with Improved Mechanical Performance in the Dark
Department of Materials Physics, Graduate school of Engineering
Yu Oshima, Associate Prof. Atsutomo Nakamura, and Prof. Katsuyuki Matsunaga
Researchers at Nagoya University find an inorganic semiconductor is brittle when...
Cracking Open the Formation of Fossil Concretions
Nagoya University Museum
Prof. Hidekazu Yoshida
Researchers at Nagoya University resolve the formation mechanism of “spherical c...
Real-time Coverage of Inside of the Brain Made Possible
In Vivo Real-time Omics Laboratory, Institute for Advanced Research / Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine
Associate Prof. Kei Zaitsu and Lecturer Yumi Hayashi
Nagoya University-centered researchers develop novel system for in vivo real-tim...
Global first determination of crystal structure of gastric proton pump
Cellular and Structural Physiology Institute / Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Prof. Kazuhiro Abe, Assistant Prof. Katsumasa Irie, Researcher Hanayo Nakanishi, and Endowed Chair (Research Institutes) Yoshinori Fujiyoshi
Nagoya University-centered researchers first in world to determine crystal struc...
Innate immune adaptor TRIF confers neuroprotection in ALS mice by eliminating abnormal glial cells
Department of Neuroscience and Pathobiology, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Assistant Prof. Okiru Komine, Dr. Shijie Jin, Assistant Prof. Fumito Endo, Assistant Prof. Seiji Watanabe, and Prof. Koji Yamanaka
Researchers led by Nagoya University revealed that deficiency of the innate immu...
Inherent Feminizing Effect of Germ Cells: New Insights into Sex Determination
Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science
Assistant Prof. Toshiya Nishimura, Kazuki Yamada, Chika Fujimori, Mariko Kikuchi, and Prof. Minoru Tanaka
Nagoya University-led study shows for the first time germ cells have an inherent...

Other Highlights

Features; focus on people and research activities

Genetic copy number variation (CNV) analysis of schizophrenia
Graduate School of Medicine / Institute of Advanced Research
Designated Assistant Professor Itaru Kushima
The Academic Journey: from France to Japan
Special Interview
Professor Emeritus Shoichi Sato
~Throughout my middle and high school years baseball was my all-consuming passio...
Electrons and positrons collision for the first time at the SuperKEKB accelerator!
KMI, World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics
Prof. Toru Iijima
Particle physicists at Nagoya University were very excited watching the memorial...
A Step Forward to Search for New Physics beyond the Standard Model
KMI, World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics
Prof. Toru Iijima
Another 'Transformative'
Institute of International Education and Exchange
Designated Prof. Atsuko Tsuji
A Research Institute Working to Transform the World
Institute of International Education and Exchange
Designated Prof. Atsuko Tsuji

Other Features

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