Establishment of Research Support Systems

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  • 1 Analyzing and understanding trends in international research and forming research strategies

    〔Setting up the Innovation Strategy Department〕

    We are developing a unique program at our new center that draws in leading researchers from around the world. In order to achieve our goal, we need to specifically focus on radical research areas and invite researchers from inside and outside this university, including those researchers from overseas, and we need to continue to invest management resources as a university.

    Therefore, we must analyze this university's Japanese and global research trends, and identify those fields in which the university can set itself apart as a world leader. Furthermore, this program needs to provide scientific grounds for the new center's activities and development.

    Here is where the "Innovation Strategy Department" was created, which is composed of full time and associate professors under the direction of the Vice President, who is in charge of research.

    We have plans to establish a department within this scholar year and to expand to 3 departments in different fields in the future.

    In order to set up the departments, the tasks must be taken on and assigned to university personnel.

  • 2 Creating and using databases to support research strategies

    Our goal is to support the analysis of our research capabilities based on objective information and to develop new research areas by combining different fields. Therefore, we shall not only use existing databases, such as the Web of Science, but create "databases to support research strategies" in order to objectively analyze and evaluate our research capabilities on campus.

    Those databases will enable us to analyze this university's strengths and weaknesses. We shall gather and build up different types of information and data, such as past projects that were externally funded. Then, we shall use analysis tools and other methods to perform analysis, as well as actively publish information that can be disclosed.

  • 3 Supporting initiatives to enhance research

    In order to strengthen the foundation of this university's research capabilities, we shall design a new framework that is divided into units:

    • "Cutting-edge, international research units"
    • "Research units geared toward young, international researchers"
    • "Young researcher units for the advancement of new and undeveloped fields"

    These units will enable us to create an international joint research team made of leading researchers from both inside and outside this university.