Nagoya University's Approach

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  • 1 Setting up cutting-edge, international research units

    We shall assign distinguished researchers from around the world who are at the forefront in their fields, and shall strive to form a global center by reinforcing the strengths of this university.

    We shall make sure that the outstanding faculty of this university has time set aside that is strictly for research.

    In addition, we shall also help promote and create international networks.

    【adopted in the 2016 academic year】

    ■Cutting-Edge Synthetic Technology Unit for Functional Molecules
     and Materials (M&M SYNTECH Unit)

     ◎Kazuaki Ishihara, Masami Kamigaito, Satoshi Yokoshima, YOU Shuli
      〉M&M SYNTECH Unit Facebook (Japanese & English)

    【adopted in the 2014 academic year】

    ■World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics
     ◎Toru Iijima, Hisano Junji, Makoto Tomoto, Peter Krizan, Gaz Alessandro, Kodai Matsuoka
      〉World Research Unit for Heavy Flavor Particle Physics (Japanese & English)

    ■Nagoya Research Center for Brain & Neural Circuits
     ◎Ikue Mori, Kamikouchi Azusa, Bannai Hiroko, YOU Young-Jai, Kohashi Tsunehiko, Rex Kerr

      〉Nagoya Research Center for Brain & Neural Circuits (English)

  • 2 Setting up research units geared toward young, international researchers

    We shall invite young researchers from all over the world, who are at the forefront in their fields, to join our university faculty and to work together with our outstanding faculty.

    We shall strive to create a system that can produce excellent research and form a global center that will endure for a long time.

  • 3 Setting up young researcher units for the advancement of new and undeveloped fields

    We shall strive to create new fields that young researchers are involved in, by supporting the development of those young researchers, including specially appointed staff and post doctorates, and expanding their vision in research.

    We shall encourage and support female researchers and the autonomy and independence of specially appointed staff, etc.

    【adopted in the 2016 academic year】

    ■Research unit of direct measurement of low-energy particles
     using superconductor

     ◎Masamitsu Tanaka, Go Ichikawa, Masaaki Kitaguchi

    【adopted in the 2015 academic year】

    ■Laboratory of Neural Information Processing
     ◎Nao Morimoto, Fumitaka Osakada

    ■Research Unit Toward Creation of Two-Dimensional Group-IV Materials
     ◎Masashi Kurosawa, Akio Ohta, Masaaki Araidai

    【adopted in the 2014 academic year】

    ■Combined experimental and theoretical studies on novel orbital physics
     and functional materials

     ◎Yoshihiko Okamoto, Youichi Yamakawa, Ai Yamakage

    ■Semiconductor Photocathode e-Beam unit
     ◎Tomohiro Nishitani, Yoshio Honda

    ■Research unit of gene-regulatory network evolution
     ◎Hiroki Goto, Takaaki Kojima

    ■In vivo real-time omics unit
     ◎Kei Zaitsu, Yumi Hayashi

  • 4 Setting up the framework for assistant professors, foreign nationals and females within the YLC program as part of a system to develop young staff at Nagoya University

    We shall aim to create international networks by developing our own outstanding young faculty and supporting long term research opportunities and appointments in research institutes abroad.

  • 5 Promoting the recruitment of female instructors

    We shall promote the recruitment of excellent female researchers, from both inside and outside of Japan, who show independence and autonomy. Accordingly, we shall consider hiring those candidates, who offer research achievements that fit our needs, as principal investigators.

  • 6 Developing a support system for foreign national and female researchers

    We shall also provide various support measures to ensure that researchers from other countries and female researches feel comfortable working at our university.

  • 7 Understanding and managing devices and equipment for shared use

    We shall make sure that the various advanced equipment and systems, which tend to be more expensive and used frequently, are available and used effectively both on and off campus.

    To promote share used and availability, we shall hire personnel, such as technicians, and also take measures to reduce the costs to maintain and manage said equipment and systems by consolidating them.

  • 8 International conferences and outreach support

    We shall promote events, such as international conferences and symposiums, as well as actively encourage our university to participate in international conferences in order to bring research and other activities to the Nagoya area. We hope this will help improve the status of our researchers in the international community as well as lead to international joint research projects and opportunities.

    In addition, we shall strengthen our outreach activities and programs, such holding public discussions with the community, as well as actively publish our research results.

  • 9 Promotion of internationalization of administrative staff

    We hope to improve our support toward the internationalization of our staff in order to facilitate and form a global research center and create international networks.