Message from the Program Leader

p2_message.jpgNagoya University was selected as an institution to receive support under the "Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities" for the fiscal year 2013, and this university was identified as one of the top 4 among the 22 institutions and organizations that were selected. This program is sponsored by MEXT and is geared toward universities and other institutions (Inter-University Research Institute Corporation) with the goal to support initiatives that advance research by securing and using research management staff (including research administrators), which oversee research strategies and intellectual property management, etc., and by making reforms to focus research environments. Based on the fundamental policy to enhance the research noted below, Nagoya University shall implement the following initiatives: "Analysis of Research Capabilities," "Reform of Personnel Systems in Order to Strengthen Research Work for Young Researchers and Female Researchers," "Reform of the Financial Foundation," "Strengthening the Research Support System" and "Program to Strengthen Advanced Research and the Work of Young Researchers."

Trustee (Research and Gender Equality)/Vice President
Masahide Takahashi