2. The production of biopharmaceuticals by transgenic chicken

The production of biopharmaceuticals by transgenic chicken

  • School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering

Shinji iijima [Professor]


Outline of Seeds

The chickens and other transgenic animals could replace current bioreactor process in the low-cost production of therapeutic antibodies and other biopharmaceuticals as a next-generation technology.
By introducing antibody DNA into chicken embryos followed by artificial hatching, we have succeeded in creating transgenic chickens. Experiments conducted using model antibodies have resulted in the production in egg white of 2-100 milligrams of the antibody per egg.

Novelty and originality of this research

Several research groups have already succeeded in advanced research on establishing transgenic cows and sheep, but the development of transgenic technology in chickens (which are smaller and easier to keep) still lags behind. By adjusting the timing of genetic manipulation, we have been able to develop transgenic chicken that produced useful substances at high levels.

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

Production of useful proteins and other biopharmaceuticals, more efficient vaccine production, production of influenza vaccines

Key Takeaway

Aiming to speed up basic and applied research on chromosomes, carbohydrate chains, and similar compounds


Transgenic chicken, retrovirus, substance production, carbohydrate complex containing sialic acid, glycotechnology


  • DNA analysis
  • Transgenic chicken production


  • Quantitative PCR
  • Confocal laser microscopy
  • Biacore
  • Cell sorter

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