2. Micro-nano Mechatronics & Biomedical Applications

Micro-nano Mechatronics & Biomedical Applications

  • School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering
  • Department of Micro-Nano Mechanical Science & Engineering

Fumihito Arai [Professor]


Outline of Seeds

We introduce representative three examples on micro-nano mechatronics
(1) On-chip Robotics
(2) Bionic Patient (Blood vessel model)
(3) Wide-range QCR Load Sensor"

Novelty and originality of this research

(1) On-chip Robotics
(2) Bionic Patient (Blood vessel model)
(3) Wide-range QCR Load Sensor"

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

(1) On-chip Robotics
Mechanical property measurement of a single cell, oocyte, spheroid
High-speed cell sorting
Manipulation of a single virus
Damgeless separation and dispensing of rare cells(Ex: CTC)
On-chip monitoring of megakaryocytes in shear flow environment
Cell monitoring and measurement on microfluidic chip
(2) Bionic Patient (Blood vessel model)
Blood vessel modelsimulator(arterial system, venous system)
Temperature Indicator for Surgical Simulator
Capillary blood vessel model
Blood vessel model at the back of the eye (for canulation, ILM peeling)
Evaluation of elastogenesis of vascular-like multi-layer tissue using Bionic Synthesizer
(3) Wide-range QCR Load Sensor
Lifelogging by casual sensing: Body weight, pulse wave, respiration, body motion, etc
Mechanical characterization of cell, oocyte, multicellular spheroid, etc.
Detection of virus RNA"

Key Takeaway

We have advanced fabrication technologies: MEMS process in general(dry etching technology of silicon, glass, quartz, SOI, electroplating, bonding etc.), 3D photolithography, 3D fine model fabrication, micro-nano fabrication of microfluidic chip, and basic technologies: measurement and system control, cell culture, design and fabrication of mechanical systems


MEMS, Micro-nano fabrication, Micro-nano mechatronics, Robotics, Biomedical applications


  • MEMS sensor and actuator
  • Microfluidic chips: fabrication, measurement, and system control
  • Multi-scale fabrication of biological model using multi-polymers
  • Quartz Cristal Resonator: fabrication, sensor, measurement system


  • Mask aligner, Pattern exposure system, Sputter system, MEMS process systems(Ex: ICP, DRIE), Surface profiler, Machining system, Sandblast, Optical microscopes, Multi-beam optical tweezers

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