2. Nanobiodevices for Future Personalized Medicine

Nanobiodevices for Future Personalized Medicine

  • School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering
  • Biomolecular Engineering

Yoshinobu Baba [Professor]


Outline of Seeds

Nanobiodevice is a piece of contrivance, equipment, machine, or component, which is created by the overlapping multidisciplinary activities associated with nanotechnology and biotechnology, intended for biological, medical, and clinical purposes. We devloved nanobiodevices for biomedical applications, including single cancer cell diagnosis for cancer metastasis, circulating tumor cell (CTC) detection by microfluidic devices, nanopillar devices for ultrafast analysis of genomic DNA and microRNA, nanopore devices for single DNA and microRNA sequencing, nanowire devices for exosome analysis, single-molecular epigenetic analysis, quantum switching in vivo imaging of iPS cells and stem cells, and quantum technology-based cancer theranostics.

Novelty and originality of this research

We devloped novel nanodevices, including nanopillar, nanowire, nanowall, nanopore, quantum dots, MEND, and nanobiocapsle for cancer diagnosis, cancer therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

We will be able to collaborate with industries to develop the medical devices for cancer diagnosis, disease diagnosis, cancer therapy, stem cell therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Key Takeaway

Nanobiodevices are applicable to develop novel technologies for disease diagnosis, disease prediction, disease therapy, and drug discovery.


Nanobiodevices, genome medicine, cancer diagnosis cancer therapy, reenerative medicine, gene therapy


  • Microfluidic devices for synthesis of gene delivery nano materials
  • Nanodevice for DNA analysis and label-free detection
  • Nanowire devices for ultrafast analysis of DNA, RNA, and Proteins


  • Super-resolution optical microscopy
  • Nanofabrication system, Single molecular DNA analysis system,
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Animal Imaging system

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