2. Observation is the foundation of all research

Observation is the foundation of all research

  • Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Kenichiro SUGITANI [Professor]

Outline of Seeds

The primary target of my research is microbial fossils (microfossils) that I discovered in geological strata dating from 3.0 to 3.4 billion years ago. These microfossils are incredibly rare, and I have received numerous requests from scientists overseas looking to engage in joint research. I have recently teamed up with an expert in fluid dynamics in order to determine the significance of the shape of the microfossils. We hope to come up with a variety of new techniques and methodologies in the processes of ascertaining the true nature of these remarkable finds.

Key Takeaway

Research on the ancient life that existed on planet Earth is linked to the search for extraterrestrial life as well.


  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer, elemental analysis system, double beam spectrophotometer, polarized light microscope, fluorescence microscope