2. Using cutting-edge materials analysis for semiconductor device research

Using cutting-edge materials analysis for semiconductor device research

  • Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability
  • Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics
  • Materials Nano-Characterization Section

Nobuyuki Ikarashi [Professor]

Outline of Seeds

Our team is working to define and control device characteristics, device materials, and the physics of device processes by using cutting-edge electron microscope technology to analyze semiconductor device (1) functions and characteristics, (2) structure and materials, and (3) device processes.
For example, our group is the first in the world to succeed in making internal voltage distribution and charge distribution visible while a nanodevice is in operation by applying a potential analysis method (electron beam holography). Technologies like these have been called operand measurements in recent years, and are gaining increasing attention as a way to analyze the operation and function of various devices.
Our research team is currently employing a variety of measurement technologies based on cutting-edge electron microscope technology. Of particular focus are improving the sophistication of devices that use GaN and the like, making next-generation transistors with new structures using silicon a reality, and researching next-generation spintronics.

Novelty and originality of this research

First in the world to make voltage distribution and charge distribution inside nanoelectric devices visible and to succeed in operand analysis

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

Dynamic analysis of optic and electric devices using electron microscopes, device material analysis, device process analysis

Key Takeaway

We are using cutting-edge nano-analysis to understand the physics of device dynamics and characteristics. Based on a wealth of on-site experiments, we are putting forth research proposals that take a broad view of device R&D, from material process development to fault analysis.


Electronic properties, surface and interface, crystal defects, device materials, device physics, electron microscope


  • Dynamic device analysis (electron microscope)
  • Nano-scale electronic structure analysis (electron microscope)
  • Crystalline structure/defect analysis (electron microscope)
  •  Nano-scale magnetic structure analysis (electron microscope)


  • Electron microscope

Monographs, Papers and Articles

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  • In-situ electron holography of surface potential response to gate voltage application in a sub-30-nm gate-length metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor ,Appl. Phys. Lett. , 100, 101912 , 2012
  • Direct Two-Dimensional Electrostatic Potential Cross-sectional Mapping of Sub-30-nm MOSFET under Operation Mode Using Electron Holography , IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2011 Tech. Digest , 2011