Application for technical consultation

Technical consultation

Nagoya University provides technical consultation services for companies as needed.
If you would like to utilize the knowledge, experience and knowhow accumulated by the academic staff of the university, please feel free to contact us. You will be referred to the appropriate academic staff according to your individual needs.
Please make sure that you understand the following precautions, enter all the required data into your application form, and send it to us.
We will refer your consultation request to a URA at the university or member of Academic Research & Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and reply to you at a later date.

  • Precautions that you need to keep in mind when applying for consultation

  1. These consultation services are designed mainly for those who need professional advice on issues involving R&D conducted by the private sector.

  2. We will keep the details of your consultation secret.
  3. Principle a brief interview can be conducted for free; however, in some cases where consultation involves significant time and costs, you may be advised to use another program.
  4. Consultation may not always be provided, depending on the details of the consultation.

  5. It usually takes about two weeks from receiving your consultation request to referring you to a specialized faculty member in charge.
  6. You should not unilaterally make the contents of the consultation available to the public or use them in advertising, dispute management, or political or religious assertions without approval from the faculty member in charge.

  • Cases where we deal with your consultation request but advise you to use another program

When substantial time and costs are required to address the issue Although we refer you to an appropriate faculty member, you are advised to consider using any other programs such as joint research, commissioned research, and grants and endowments in consultation with the faculty member.For example, consultation involving continuous study, experiment, material search, field survey, etc.

  • Cases where we cannot deal with your consultation request
  1. When it is better for you to ask another institution for a consultation In some cases, we may refer you to an institution which we regard as appropriate.
    For example,

    Request for simple analysis, experiment, etc.
    If there is no faculty member who can deal with the request
    If we do not have the equipment necessary to deal with the request
  2. Cases where it is difficult for the university to deal with your consultation request No service will be provided.
    For example,

    If there is a problem from the point of view of common sense
    Issue about which people have different social perspectives
    Dispute issue

Technical consultation application form

Purpose of consultation (*Multiple choices allowed) *Required

If you have a file for consultation, please attach it.

Field of consultation (*Multiple choices allowed) *Required

Desired form (*Multiple choices allowed) *Required

How did you come to know about these technical consultation services? Please click all the applicable boxes. *Required

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