2. Innovative Biomedical Engineering

Innovative Biomedical Engineering

  • School of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

Seiichi Yamamoto [Professor]

Outline of Seeds

We are not only developing cutting-edge biochemical devices like PET, SPECT, MRI, and optical measurement equipment, but are also combining these devices to develop new instruments. We have also recently made the world-first discovery that water can emit light during irradiation of radiation and are promissing on dose distribution measurement in particle therapy systems . We have created a new type of radiological imaging systems, and are continuing our work in worldwide.

Novelty and originality of this research

The development of cutting-edge biochemical devices requires development techniques that apply to equipment used on small animals to humans. The development of combination instruments also requires a great deal of technical expertise. The new physical phenomenon of water emitting light during radiation irradiaitons also promises a many eapplications. We have already produced applied research results, and expect our work to make a tremendous impact in the future.

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

We are able to collaborate with established medical device manufacturers as well as manufacturers looking to break into the medical device market towards the goal of new product development. We are also willing to engage in joint research on the new physical phenomenon we have discovered for future applications.

Key Takeaway

We are a group of highly experienced biochemical engineers with extensive expertise in the development of medical devices, and a desire to use our skills to contribute something to society. We would also like to find applications for the new physical phenomenon we have discovered.


Biomedical device development technology


  • Biomedical device development technology
  • Medical image processing
  • Radiation measurement technology
  • Loe level light measurement technology


  • Data acquisition systems for PET and SPECT, EM-CCD camera, cooled CCD camera, pulse hight analyzer, gamma camera sysem, precise time resolution measurement system

Monographs, Papers and Articles

  • Luminescence imaging of water during proton-beam irradiation for range estimation
  • Development of a PET/OMRI combined system for simultaneous imaging of positron and free radical probes for small animals
  • Development of ultrahigh resolution Si-PM-based PET system using 0.32 mm pixel scintillators
  • Development of an ultrahigh resolution Si-PM based PET system for small animals.