2. Matlab Toolbox for Network Analysis

Matlab Toolbox for Network Analysis

  • School of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Tetsuya Iidaka [Professor]


Outline of Seeds

The Matlab Toolbox reads time-series data on brain activity collected via neuroimaging analysis, then visually represents and expresses inter-regional correlation coefficients. It also has a feature that allows it to conduct t-tests between groups (corrections are made according to false discover rates) and display the results. Finally, it can write the data into a CSV file.

Novelty and originality of this research

So far, nobody else has created a toolbox designed specifically for neuroimaging network analysis. This technology is also innovative in that it is equipped with the functions that researchers actually need to carry out their work.

Application and research area for Industry collaboration

Although the Matlab Toolbox is not yet ready for immediate industrial applications, the software is extremely useful for scientists specializing in neuroimaging network analysis.

Key Takeaway

Because the software is user-friendly and makes it easy to output visual data into image files, it has sufficient features for use in academic presentations and preparing research papers. There is no need to have a license for Matlab itself.


Network analysis, brain function, correlation, fMRI

Monographs, Papers and Articles

  • Iidaka T, Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging and neural network classified autism and control. CORTEX, 63, 55-67, 2015