Decolonizing Arbitration: How to Promote a Fair and Culturally Sensitive use of Commercial and Investment Arbitration

◎Giorgio Fabio COLOMBO (法学研究科 教授)
 横溝  大 (法学研究科  教授)
 内記 香子 (環境学研究科 教授)
 高橋 麻奈 (神田外語大学 グローバル・リベラルアーツ学部 講師)*共同研究者

 The aim of this unit is to assess criticalities and to promote the use of arbitration using a culturally-sensitive approach. With this research we intend to help establish a levelled playground between developed and developing countries. We aim to assist the latter in better protecting their environment, workers' rights, cultural heritage, and to enhance gender equality in the legal profession through the use of arbitration. These objectives will be met without prejudice on the capability of attracting foreign investment and respecting inverstors' rights.