SeedsSearch+AI Research Database

SeedsSearch+AI is an AI-powered search system based on keyword search to help you find research seeds* from Tokai Higher Education and Research System. You can search for seeds and topics for various purposes including industry-academia collaboration with researchers at Nagoya University and Gifu University.
We invite you to explore and use this system.

*) seeds* = Potential research areas, inventions (technologies), discoveries, and human resources which are necessary to promote R&D and new business creation.


SeedsSearch+AI system
  • Uses AI to analyze your search keywords and extract related terms, allowing you to conduct a comprehensive search for research seeds and topics from Nagoya University and Gifu University.
  • Ranks the search results by their relevance to your keywords and the terms generated by AI. The results are displayed by researcher, showing up to 10 related researcher’s achievements which are associated with the keywords.
  • Links to researchers’ profile pages from the search results (Researcher’s List for Nagoya University, Researchmap for Gifu University).  Researchers at Nagoya University are also linked to their laboratory/personal homepages and related information** pages ( both links only for some researchers ).
  • Can be searched by Japanese and English.

**) Related information = Pages that introduce the researchers’ work created by the Nagoya University Office of Academic Research and Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration (AR&IAGC), research data registered in the Nagoya Repository, etc.



E-mail: seedssearch-plus-ai[at] (please change [at] into @)