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We showcase world-leading researchers at Nagoya University who aim to advance the frontiers of science in their respective disciplines with an emphasis on nurturing the scientific leaders of the future.

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Rice plants evolve to adapt to flooding
Bioscience and Biotechnology Center
Prof. Motoyuki Ashikari
An international research team have discovered a gene in rice that is critical t...
Recreating the Chameleon: Material Mimics Color Changes Of Living Organisms
Department of Molecular Design and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Miki Sakai, Prof. Takahiro Seki, and Associate Prof. Yukikazu Takeoka
Researchers at Nagoya University develop a composite material that, by adjusting...
"Tricking" Bacteria into Hydroxylating Benzene
Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science
Masayuki Karasawa, Joshua Kyle Stanfield, Sota Yanagisawa, Associate Prof. Osami Shoji , and Prof. Yoshihito Watanabe
Nagoya University researchers use E.coli to convert benzene into phenol, simplif...
Keep the Light Off: A Material with Improved Mechanical Performance in the Dark
Department of Materials Physics, Graduate school of Engineering
Yu Oshima, Associate Prof. Atsutomo Nakamura, and Prof. Katsuyuki Matsunaga
Researchers at Nagoya University find an inorganic semiconductor is brittle when...
Cracking Open the Formation of Fossil Concretions
Nagoya University Museum
Prof. Hidekazu Yoshida
Researchers at Nagoya University resolve the formation mechanism of “spherical c...

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The Regrets of a 99 Year Old Scholar
Institute of International Education and Exchange
Designated Prof. Atsuko Tsuji
An Exchange of Different Cultures at the University Museum
Institute of International Education and Exchange
Designated Prof. Atsuko Tsuji
Categorical representation theory and its application to knot theory
Graduate School of Mathematics / Institute of Advanced Research
Designated Assistant Professor of the Young Leaders Cultivation Program
Genetic copy number variation (CNV) analysis of schizophrenia
Graduate School of Medicine / Institute of Advanced Research
Designated Assistant Professor Itaru Kushima
The Academic Journey: from France to Japan
Special Interview
Professor Emeritus Shoichi Sato
~Throughout my middle and high school years baseball was my all-consuming passio...

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